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Viva is a San Carlos Favorite. 

It was created by Alecs Martinez 13 or 14 years ago and has seen a few iterations since then.

There are generally 6 – 8 thousand page views per day and we think it’s because there is a lot of new content daily and content of varying types. 

There started out to be just one category / forum and as time moved on it became obvious that not everything would fit into a single category.

As a result specialty categories regarding different interests were developed.

 Naturally everyone wants to be on the community forum / page but that’s just not possible. 

As editor and moderator it’s my responsibility to see that certain community charities and charitable events get priority placement.

I am often asked to pin an event to the community forum as a favor.

Sadly if I do one I believe I would have to do all. 

The easiest way to see what’s new is to click on the yellow tab upper right (Latest Topics)

All categories are also color coded and highly visible by simply using this link.




Viva San Carlos Moderator 
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