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I see that as art supplies.  All I need is a rock tumbler and some sand/pebbles from the beach to make "SEA GLASS". Does anyone have a rock tumbler I can use until I buy/make one?

I am a former preschool teacher and I am seeking a variety of TRASH for my art supply stash TEASURE BOX. I am planning projects for the orphanage and afterschool children. 

I think teaching them to harvest their own supplies is key so showing them what to keep and how to use free TRASHABLE/RECYCLEABLE items to upcycle into art projects. In addition to traditional art/office supplies I am collecting the following

Please keep/donate:

empty nozzle and spray bottles

Styrofoam for stamping, 3D/sculpting

sheets of plastic (from packages) to be used as stencils

cling wrap. press n seal, wax paper parchment paper

white plates and thin wood/clip/chip boards, empty eyeshadow containers for paint pallets

springs from empty disposable lighters, pens

straws, popsicle sticks, twisty ties, junk mail/plastic cards, thick postcards, greeting cards, fancy napkins with designs, unused envelopes

paint stir sticks, wire, nuts n bolts, 

old toothbrushes for splattering paint and making other textures in paint 

vinyl albums/CD's, cigar boxes 

What other trashables do you get on a regular basis? Containers with lids, boxes, ….

If in doubt... take a picture and I will let you know if it works


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