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I am looking for a recommendation for a good spinning reel.  I intend to use it for yellowtail, possibly plugging at the Island.  Thank you!

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This may help...

This question have been answered in many posts and on many forums before. As I have understood there are many variables here. First off is the difference between jigging and popping reels. The main difference is the gear ratio. low for jigging (4;1-5:1) and high for popping(5:1-6,2:1) that would mean that you would have to buy two reels for your application. Still there are many people jigging with very high ratios and people popping with low ratios. When using a spinner you cannot use it for cranking and winching the fish up without pumping. It is not practical and can destroy gears, so a low ratio spinning reel will only be right if you have a style that is used to many handle cranks per pump or winding with bait. (rod is till and not pumping)

If your budget is one reel, than go with something inbetween. The Shimano stella 18000 has what I believe a 5,8:1 ratio, this is perfect for popping and can be used for jigging... you just have shorter strokes with the handle as the line retrieve is higher that most jigging reels.

To me if you are speed jigging and popping you want the higher ratio reels, like the stella 18000. You would probably have to gain a new style of jigging because you are gaining line more quickly with less turns on the handle than you are used to if you have been using low ratio jigging reels. But still as you aren't workng a bait I think a high ratio reel would suit you well and can fit your application. But you can also use a low ratio reel for popping. you just have to wind the handle faster!... I think it comes down to what you are most comfortable with

If price is not an Option.

1.shimano stella 18000sw or 10000sw (probably the 18k for you fishing big BFT's) 5,8:1 ratio) or the 20000sw with low ratio if that is preferred
2. Daiwa saltiga 6500H 2010 (5,8:1) or the regular 6500 (think it is 4,4:1)
3. Daiwa dogfight (6,2:1)

Those are top tier reels! See alan hawk website for best spinning reels review.

As of rods it still depends on style of fishing and if you are popping or jigging as they are two completely different rods.

jigging: use short rods 4,8-5,6 foot jigging rods. Most high end rods are fully parabolic and for a reason. It put's the hurt on the fish not the angler!

spinal series one or two. from 300g to 500g depending on drag used and size fish (from250usd)
Black hole cape cod special 350-450g approx 360usd
Synit Kaha, venom, deepshot, deepshot seriola also called tuna pro. 350-550g

there are many high end rods out there too well capable of the task. carpenter, fisherman, smith, MC works, ripple fisher, yamaga, shimano blue rose and jigwrex.

for popping. I thin 7-8,6 foot rods are used.

Black hole, spinal, Oti, yamaga, smith... alot of others.    
I believe he got the ratio wrong 6:1 for jigging.


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I would suggest a Penn Battle II 6000 paired with a parabolic 6'6" Ugly Stick Model BWSJL220066 TIGERLITE Jigging Rod and 300 YDS OF 60 LB 8 STRAND SPECTRA, to jig 150-230 gr vertical jigs or throw poppers and stickbaits in the 1.5- 3 oz range at the island.

If you want the rod strickly for popping, I would switch the rod to the Shakesphere 7' BWS2201.

Both will subdue Yellowtail up to 40 lbs and will also cast medium sized live mullet to catch our local stripes and sails.

The Rod+ reel + line package will run you a total of about $200 and I have 2 seasons on these with hard use with no problems fishing 4-5 times a week.

The equipment mentioned in the previous post is very very good, but high end in price. Recent developments by Penn and Finn Nor have brought prices down on sturdy spinning reel designs using more sealed bearings, larger gears/shafts and larger carbon fiber greased drags for lots of smooth heavy drag thats required to keep them out of shallow near shore rocks that will cut you off.

I also have more expensive equipment, but have found this combo to very reliable and a better value. The Ugly Sticks carry a lifetime garantee and are really impossible to break.
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