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Fishermen ready their nets
for shrimp season

Guaymas, Sonora 
.-Riparian and offshore fishermen encrypt their hopes in a good shrimp season to get out of the debts left by the 'piojillo' months, starting next Saturday, September 21, when the so-called 'pink gold' ban is lifted by the National Commission of Fishing and Aquaculture (Conapesca).

Nearly 3,000 men from the sea will 'sail' in the Port in 750 smaller vessels or 'pangas' and in 97 larger ships, seeking to overcome the 2,871 tons that were achieved last extractive season of the so-called 'rose gold'. 

Arnulfo Navarro Carrillo, head of the Guaymas Fisheries office, said that the shrimp season 2019 - 2020 will open at 00:00 on September 21, while the Port's largest fleet will leave on 30.

He recalled that last season the larger ships closed with 2,237 tons, while the river fleet ended with 634 of the crustacean.

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Pretty soon, just like the Big Bluewater fishing is now, the shrimp will be fished out.  double edge sword for all of us. The ocean's ecosystem is so vital to maintaining harmony.  We will never fix global warming and pollution issues.  We are but a very small fraction to the much larget WORLDWIDE sea life ISSUES. 
It would be nice to see someone with some grit and actually say so make an effort to restrict and preserve. Just a pleasant thought that won't most likely ever occur. It's a good thought and dream, however! O)

Kimmy K.
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