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Eggs USA . .The wholesale price for Grade A large eggs rose from $1.01 per dozen to $3.07 over the course of March, prompting a variety of lawsuits against egg sellers and producers over price gouging. The average American consumes 293 eggs per year, and in California β€” where one of the suits was filed β€” it’s an average of 300 per person so the state needs a billion eggs per month to feed the typical Americans. Current USDA estimates have the average price of eggs in 2020 being $1.27 per dozen, up 35 percent from last year.  --  Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times 

Almost Dunn Robert's Ranch[631].jpg 
Free Range. Organic Eggs From Happy Hen's

White 6 pesos per egg  @ 72 pesos per dozen 

Red or Brown 7 pesos   @ 86 pesos per dozen

Mix and match. 

Call Robert. 622-174-1747  

Happy Hens  see the link . . >>>

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