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I've been under the weather this week, so I didn't make as much food as I normally do. But, I do have 9 loaves of quinoa bread and I have one entire chicken pot pie (aluminum pie pan size) that I'd love to sell in its entirety to someone for 400 pesos. It is chock full of chichen and veggies and the most delicious roux you've ever tried. I make my own pie crusts. BUT, if no one wants to buy the entire pie, I'm bringing utensils to cut it and I have containers to put pieces of pie into so you can take it home, heat it up, and enjoy it. I'll work harder this next week and will be making a 2 layer lemon cake with lemon pudding filling that is so delightful.  Remember, whatever it is you would like to eat but not make yourself--I can do it for you. Birthday cakes? No problem. Meatloaves, Middle Eastern food, casseroles with MN wild rice--just ask me. I sit next to CeCe at the Rescate Marketplace.
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