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Black eyed peas were on my New Year's Day menu, but I only have one liter left. I'll bring that tomorrow as well as 2 liters of baby lima bean and ham soup that I forgot was in my refrigerator freezer last week so it didn't get to the Marketplace. And you must be tired of it, chicken with dumplings, but I'll have that again. I got a request from a friend who was told by another friend how good it is. If anyone would like to call or pm me and ask for extra dumplings, please do. My telephone number is 622-162-3845. I'll be bringing my quinoa bread, although not as much as usual because Sal is going to be selling his sourdough bread tomorrow at the Marketplace as well. I expect he will be "taking" some of my clients, but that's fine. I welcome him. Our breads are totally different from each other's. I'm also going to sell meatloaf by slices. I get the ground beef from Santa Rosa. Lastly, I'm making tapioca pudding!! I have just one loaf of that date nut bread so if you want that, send a pm and I'll set it aside with your name. Remember, you can special order ANYTHING from me. I've made banana cream pies and double layer chocolate cakes and--anything your Mom made, I can also make. Just let me know.  Thank you to all who buy food from we vendors and Happy New Year to you.  Diana
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